Breaking Sugar Addiction – 5 Easy To Follow Tips To Quit The Sugar Habit NOW

 SUMMARY:  Overcoming sugar addiction has been one of the hardest struggles for dieters who are trying to lose weight. Here are a number of actionable tips that can help stop the uncontrollable need for sweets.

The most important steps to help in vreaking sugar addiction

Are you one of the many dieters who need some help breaking sugar addiction?

Well, you’re not alone if you do because recently it was estimated that over 10.8 million metric tons of sugar was consumed in a single year by the United States alone. [1]

This proves that sugar addiction is a real problem that could lead to obesity which in effect, can lead to coronary heart disease.

Studies have shown that limiting sugar intake in our diet can cause weight loss and a lowered risk of morbid obesity. [2]

With traditional nutrition labeling excluding sugar content on the basis of percentages, consumers are left in the dark about the amount of sugar they’re actually consuming.

The Obesity Society (TOS) has pushed for the reduction of sugar density in food products while also commending the FDA for its proposed requirement for sugar content information on food labels. [3]

Breaking Your Sugar Addiction

Cardiovascular research scientist James DiNicolantonio studied the effects between sugar and cocaine on lab rats and the results were startling.

He commented that rats hooked on IV cocaine were introduced to sugar and always switched to sugar. [4]

DiNicolantonio also argued that in order to alter the brain’s neurochemistry, a certain level of consumption must be achieved over a period of time.

In the absence of sugar intake, we are more prone to symptoms of withdrawal.

In our brains, sugar intake increases dopamine, which causes us to feel pleasure.

In the obese, dopamine receptors require much more stimulation in order to feel pleasure. [5]

The good news is that there is help to break the addiction to sugar. For those addicted to sweets such as soda or candy, there is help.

Breaking sugar addiction is akin to overcoming a drug addiction and it can be done.

Below, we offer five tips to aid in the recovery process from sugar addiction.

1. Lower The Amount Of Sugar In Your Diet Gradually

Consumers don’t get addicted to sugar overnight, so it only stands to reason that in order to kick the sugar habit, we must take the necessary time in order to gradually reduce the amounts of sugar in our diets.

Introducing more fruits and vegetables in our diets allows us to retrain our minds into requiring less sugar over time.

You can also limit the overall intake of sugary substances but still get your fix.

Consider enjoying a smaller portion of the sugary substance as opposed to a larger piece.

This may help curb the cravings while helping you lower the overall intake of sugar in your daily diet.

2. Replace Soda With Sugar Free Beverages

For those consumers who drink two or three sodas per day, consider replacing one of the sodas with water or another sugar free beverage.

This lessens the dependence on sugar as a whole.

In the consumption of sodas and other sweet beverages, we train our taste buds to think that any other beverage is less satisfying.

Slowly replace a sweet beverage with water and increase your soda replacement on a weekly scale.

Continue doing so until all of the sweet beverages are completely replaced in your diet.

Conversely, for those with strong willpower, you can cut out sodas and other sweet beverages completely.

This may cause a high level of withdrawal similar to drug withdrawal effects, but hopefully the effects will be short-lived.

3. Eat More Fiber

Foods high in fiber keep us feeling full and satisfied.

These foods also give us more energy, but don’t increase your blood sugar.

In the case of fiber rich foods, because they don’t raise your blood sugar, you won’t suffer a crash after you’re finished eating.

Eating whole wheat and grains along with fruits and vegetables can keep you feeling satisfied without any of the negatives associated with sugar consumption.

In addition, eat quality foods more regularly in order to curb your need to reach for a candy bar.

Waiting until you feel like you’re starving leads us to satisfy our hunger with already prepared, sugary snacks.

Instead, avoid irrational eating by consuming healthier foods closer together.

4. Choose Healthy Sweets

Most American consumers have a sweet tooth, so we reach for a candy bar or other sweet snack.

Instead, opt for naturally sweet items such as fresh berries, yogurt that’s low in sugar, smoothies or baked apple crisps [6].

Reaching for fruit whenever a sugar craving strikes can give you the sweetness you desire without all of the negative effects.

5. Exercise

When you begin to exercise on a regular basis, you start to feel better all around.

In essence, regular exercise begins to decrease sugar cravings and increase the want for healthier alternatives.

In order to capitalize on the benefits of exercise, use the productivity method called “Don’t Break the Chain”. [7]

In order to make this work, once you begin exercising and eating healthier, low sugar low-carb foods, mark it on the calendar.

This increases our innate need to continue on with the good streak and not break the chain of healthy living.

When you get up and move around, you take your mind off of the sweet cravings and allow yourself the ability to create better habits.

Studies have shown that good habits can be accomplished by a chain of events lasting longer than 21 days.

Break the bad habits while creating better ones and living healthier.

Break The Sugar Habit Now!

More than two-thirds of adults in the United States are overweight or obese.

Of those obese persons, sugar addiction is an obvious problem.

Obesity can stem from too much sugar intake and leads to increased risk for Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke. [8]

There is help for those who want it, but it is a hard process because of the level of addiction of which a lot of Americans suffer.

You can go cold turkey, use sugar free gum as a way of tricking your brain, or use bite size treats instead of going for the fuller sized version of candy bars or other treats.

Breaking up your meals and eating right will leave you not only feeling better, but also will work toward increasing your overall longevity.

With healthier eating habits, we can limit our potential risks for health problems in the future.

There is no bad time to get started with healthier habits, so why not start now?

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