The Cheater’s Diet – Eat Anything You Want On Weekends And Still Lose Weight?

 SUMMARY:  The Cheater’s Diet is a weight loss nutrition protocol that offers dieters a way to lose weight and still enjoy the foods they love. Here’s why this prtocol may be one of the best alternatives to typical calorie restriction diets.

The Cheater's Diet Review and how it works

Does The Cheater’s Diet really let you eat whatever you want and still lose weight?

Cheat day diets are popular and effective for weight loss because they alleviate the burnout of traditional dieting while at the same time boosting your metabolism.

While there are many different approaches to a “cheat day” type of diet, The Cheater’s Diet by Dr. Paul Rivas is a refreshing twist to this type of weight loss program.

The Cheater’s Diet

The Cheater’s Diet is a realistic weight loss plan that is geared specifically for people who have a hard time saying “no” to those “forbidden” foods while on restrictive  or low carbohydrate diets.

This may sound counter-intuitive to some people, but with the Cheater’s Diet, you are actually encouraged to eat what you want.

You can literally eat those forbidden foods that you have been told you need to give up in order to lose weight: pizza, cake, chocolate, or whatever it is that you have been craving.

What’s even more interesting is that eating these foods, as specified by Dr. Rivas in the Cheater’s Diet, will actually speed up your metabolism and keep your body from going into starvation mode, which is often the cause of plateaus.

How Does The Diet Work?

The Cheater’s Diet works on the premise of a basic 80/20 rule.

With that said, you are going to eat a typical healthy foods and a sensible restrictive diet 5 days out of the week and then simply take the weekend off.

By doing so, you are tricking your body again and again, not allowing it to adjust to the same amount of calories that you would normally take in every day.

Just when your body starts to get comfortable and adapt to the lower calories, the weekend rolls around and your body then has to work harder.

The result is an increased metabolism and better weight loss because your body is never going to get a chance to adapt.

The bottom line is that this method of dieting makes your body more efficient at burning calories and burning fat for fuel, resulting in losing weight.

What Are The Benefits?

The real benefit to this program is that boredom is alleviated and you do not have to suffer by eating the same bland foods day in and day out over the course of several months.

You can actually look forward to treating yourself to the foods you love like ice cream, pizza, cinnamon rolls and even beer on the weekend after a week of being “good” on the healthy part of the diet.

The psychological benefits are also a huge plus.

When you know that you don’t have to wait months to eat your favorite foods again, you are going to be able to stay strict on the weekdays without any problem whatsoever.

Anyone can make it through five days of eating clean in order to get their cheat food on the weekend.

What happens is that it becomes something you can look forward to and use as motivation to stay on your program during the week.

Why The Cheater’s Diet Works

Many typical fad diets advise you to avoid one food group or another, such as low-carb high fat, vegan or Paleo diets.

And while the rationale behind these programs may make some sense, avoiding certain groups of foods may not be a sustainable way to eat over long periods of time.

Your body needs a wide variety and balance of foods for the sake of sanity and also for optimal health.

In his book, Dr. Rivas states “The fact is, you can’t live completely without either carbohydrates or fat because your body needs them in order to function.”

“They are not your enemies, and trying to eliminate either from your diet completely will leave you with an incredibly monotonous menu plan.” (p.53)

The Meal Plan for Weekdays

Here is a typical breakdown of what you can expect on your weekday portion of the program.

The Four-F Plan

The Cheater’s Diet includes a special section for anyone who wants to lose weight quickly.

This plan is recommended for short periods of time, but will produce faster weight loss results.

  • Eat small meals frequently throughout the day
  • Fluids should include 8 cups of water per day plus a cup for every 3.5 point over 25 on the BMI chart
  • Fish is encouraged for meals
  • Fiber will help keep you full and help to lower your cholesterol levels

The Cheater’s Diet is full of weight loss secrets and shortcuts that the “lazy dieter” in all of us can truly appreciate.

Tips from the Cheater’s Diet:

Here are some bonus tips from the diet program that you can implement to help you lose weight even faster:

  • Don’t give up food groups
  • Cheat to alleviate boredom without feeling guilty
  • Take the misery out of restrictive dieting
  • Use supplements proven to aid weight loss
  • Incorporate N.E.A.T activities (non-exercise activity plan) throughout your day
  • Take the weekends off and eat whatever you want
  • Don’t allow yourself to binge eat

Final Thoughts  On The Diet

The Cheater’s Diet is definitely one of those programs that anyone who is struggling to stick to a diet plan is going to love.

This is a diet that you can commit to for the long term, since it is not as restrictive as most other diets.

With that said, it is like any other weight loss method in that you are going to get the best results when you combine it with daily exercise.

In the end, this is one diet where you can have your cake and eat it too, but only on the weekend!

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