Fad Diets For Weight Loss – Everything You Need To Know And So Much More!

 SUMMARY:  Fad diets have apways been a part of the weight loss world and probably aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Here’s an overview of fad diets and what you should look out for when choosing a solid weight loss program.

Fad diets for weight loss

Do fad diets really work or are they just a means to make money from the thousands and thousands of people out there who are desperate to lose weight?

There’s no doubt that the number of obese people throughout the world seems to be growing at an alarming rate.

And as a result, many people who are desperate to fix their weight issues easily fall into the trap of the notorious fad diet.

The biggest culprits of their continued popularity are the constant endorsements by many well known personalities.

Whether these quick-fix nutrition plans actually work or not can seem a mystery to many, since popular celebrity endorsements and media hype only cloud the facts on whether or not these plans are really effective.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at fad diets, their effectiveness and the role that they play in losing weight.

Fad Diets – Everything You Need To Know

By definition, a fad diet, or food faddism as it is sometimes referred to, is an eating regimen that focuses on one particular food or food group, such as grapefruit, cabbage or cottage cheese. [1]

Others define fad diets as eating regimens that do not conform to the standards of traditional nutrition guidelines.

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Examples of what some consider to fit into this mold include the Paleo Diet, the Zone Diet and the ever popular Atkins low carb high-fat diet.

As a rule of thumb, these types of weight loss plans are considered to be not the healthiest approaches to losing weight.

But some of the fat loss nutrition programs out there that people tend to refer to as fad diets are not all that bad for you.

Why Do People Use These Plans?

So, what’s the reason why so many people try out these fad diets every time a new one is released to the market?

It is common knowledge that when you are dealing with issues of being overweight, you expose yourself to a potential increase of a lot of health risks.

The danders can range anywhere from diabetes and cancer to cardiovascular diseases among many others.

When you know the consequences of your weight problems, you know it’s high time to get into action and start a weight loss program.

But the problem is, people look for a quick and easy way to lose weight.

This is why these programs are so popular and so many people flock to the market every time a new one is released.

Are All Mainstream Diets Bad?

When it comes to popular weight loss programs on the market, the real question is, “are all of these diets bad?”

This is where you need to distinguish the difference between a genuine fad diet and a diet that is simply popular because of marketing.

Popular diets will have sound research to back up their claims.

One popular diet that most people get mixed up with other fads is the Atkins diet.

But programs like the one made popular by Dr. Atkins have been well researched and studied.

A great example of this is a study that compared the Atkins ketogenic diet to other higher carbohydrate approaches such as the LEARN and Ornish diets.

After 12 months, weight loss was greater in the participants on the Atkins diet than those who were on the others. [2]

This study just goes to prove that just because something is considered a “fad”, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is bad for you.

This is where doing your own research on a nutritional program that is popular is going to come in handy and help you to stay on the right track.

Fad Diet Examples

Fad diets are easily identified by clever and catchy names, which prove perfect for marketing purposes and getting the programs to go viral on social media platforms.

Here is a short list of some of the most popular diets considered to be fads that are out there today.

  • The 4-Hour Body
  • 5:2 diet
  • Blood type diet
  • Cabbage soup diet
  • Lemonade Diet
  • Dukan Diet
  • Fruitarian Diet
  • Grapefruit diet
  • Israeli Army diet
  • Lemon Detox Diet
  • Master Cleanse
  • Morning Banana Diet
  • South Beach Diet
  • Sugar Busters
  • Zone Diet

Do These Diets Really Work?

Most of the popular diets on the market usually have one thing in common; they integrate extreme calorie restriction along with focus on one type of particular food into their blueprint.

The facts show that while many have tried to lose weight like this and have temporarily succeeded, most people fail and ended up returning to their old habits.

The lack of variety along with the fact that being hungry all of the time will make any weight loss program short lived make for obvious failure.

And everyone knows where this leads to; binge eating and gaining back whatever weight you have lost, with the added bonus of additional pounds to an already overweight body.

But it doesn’t stop there because this will surely turn into a cycle of jumping from one mainstream diet to another.

And going from one diet to another will end up ultimately slowing down your metabolism in the process.

What is The Best Alternative

The key to losing weight isn’t in a trendy diet that is promoted by a popular celebrity or that goes viral on social media.

On the contrary, lasting weight loss is all about making a serious change in your lifestyle.

This includes adopting a healthy, balanced and clean diet that is geared specifically for weight loss over the long term and then combining that with a regular daily regimen of some sort of exercise.

There are many good diet programs out there that you can adapt to your personal needs.

The key is that unlike the latest nutrition trends, diets that are backed by sound research and have stood the test of time will yield slow and sure results for the long term.

Are There Any Shortcuts?

Are there any short cuts to losing weight?

Although the creators of popular diet products and programs want you to believe that there is a fast way to lose weight, the reality is quite different.

The truth is, there really is no such thing as a short cut when it comes to losing weight.

There are no fast, painless or overnight ways to burn the fat off of your body that took so long to put on in the first place.

There also are no wonder drugs or miracle slimming pills that are going to get the job done either.

Even the best diet pills out there require good nutritional habits along with regular exercise.

And worse yet, fad diets usually involve some sort of starvation so they may only help to put your health at a bigger risk than you already have put yourself in by in being overweight in the first place.

People need to wake up and realize that this industry is taking advantage of their ignorance.

So, What Next?

So the moral of the story is, steer clear of all of the popular yo-yo diets if you want to lose weight and keep it off for the long run.

No diet pill, wonder drug or crazy diet that requires you to eat cabbage soup every day could make you lose weight for a lifetime.

Those are all just for short term water loss which, in some cases, could even put your health at risk.

So the simple truth is, losing weight entails a lot of discipline, commitment and hard work.

The only way to lose weight is having a healthy diet combined with regular exercise and a positive attitude.

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