How To Lose Weight Without Dieting – 31 Effective Ways To Shed Belly Fat Struggle-Free

 SUMMARY:  There are many alternative methods to weight loss that can help you lose weight without dieting. Here’s the complete list of quick tips you can try to shed the pounds without requiring you to actually diet.

How to lose weight without dieting fast and free

Are you ready to start losing weight without dieting and the struggle that comes along with it?

Finding the right weight loss plan can be difficult because there are literally thousands of different diets available to choose from.

And you know that not all of them are going to work for everyone, so you need to take the time and find the right weight loss plan that is going to work best for you.

You can choose from low cholesterol diets, high protein diets, Dr. Atkins, low-fat, vegan, the Zone Diet, Paleo diet, low carb, low glycemic index diet and even intermittent fasting.

There are also thousands of different diet supplements, diet shakes and powders, pre-made diet meals that you can order online and even adult weight loss camps that you can attend.

How To Lose Weight Without Dieting

To find what works for you, you may need to spend some time experimenting with different lifestyle changes, types of foods and weight loss strategies, unless you’re lucky enough to get it right on the first try.

You can get some help figuring out the best weight loss plan with organizations like Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers or LA Weight Loss.

You can also find a good personal trainer or nutritionist to help you out.

All of those options are great, but will cost you both time and money.

Or, you can simply choose to lose weight without dieting at all.

Dump The Diet – How To Lose Weight Without Strenuous Dieting

Here is a list of 32 easy and effective weight loss tips to help you lose weight without even having to think about dieting.

1. Join a support group or an online weight loss community. Having like minded people around you will help to keep you motivated to lose weight while also holding you accountable.

2. Drink lots of water. Water not only helps to curb your hunger, it also helps to keep you well hydrated while flushing out waste from the body.

3. Focus on what you did well each and every day! Taking into account your small daily victories will act as fuel for your fire and make each and every day after that much easier.

4. Skip the mayo, salad dressing, and other high fat condiments. Each and every little bit of extra calories and fat add up. Something as simple as this can make a huge difference in the long run.

5. Get some form of exercise every single day. This doesn’t mean that you have to complete an hour workout at the gym; just make sure that you include short walks or even a series of simple yoga poses or stretches.

6. Eat small, frequent regular meals throughout the day. This can be considered a non-diet because all you need to do is split up your regular meals into smaller portions.

7. Limit yourself to a half portion of your regular dessert, or just a few bites. When you are losing weight without traditional dieting, you don’t have to deny yourself those guilty pleasures.

8. Stop grazing. Eating a handful of snacks, whether potato chips or almonds, here or there throughout the day eventually adds up to extra pounds around your waist.

9. Find a workout buddy to work out, walk or go to yoga classes with. You to be less likely to skip your workout while at the same time making it a fun experience no matter what activity you are doing.

10. Quit any exercise you hate or have to force yourself to do. There are limitless exercise combinations and workout routines so find exercises that you enjoy. This will help you to stay on your routine for the long haul.

11. Take a day off from your busy schedule and pamper yourself; you have earned it! So nurture your body with a relaxing bubble bath, a massage, lotions or a relaxing full day at the spa.

12. Hire yourself a personal trainer. He or she might be the missing link you need to be able to lose weight without harsh dieting. A good trainer will not only give you a personalized training program, you will also get the motivation you need to follow through.

13. Keep an exercise and food journal for weight loss. Keeping track of your workouts and daily food intake can go a long way in helping you to succeed. The information will help to keep you motivated and give you feedback on what is working and what isn’t.

14. Eat snack-size portions of food between your regular meals. This will help to keep your insulin stable and your metabolism stoked for even greater weight loss.

15. Avoid using diet shakes for all of your meals. Although it is extremely tempting because it’s convenient, regular food provides certain nutrients that shakes simply can’t.

16. Make it a point to stop and enjoy other people’s weight loss successes and achievements. This positive attitude will help to give you the inspiration you need to make your own goals a success.

17. Never criticize yourself, whether it’s your body, something you did or a few negative thoughts that you had throughout the day. Keep your self-esteem high and your body will reward you in return.

18. Cook your meals and prepare your snacks as often as possible. There are many prepped options available for when you are extremely busy but being your own chef is always the best option when you are on a budget.

19. Slow and steady always wins the race, so aim to lose a pound a week. When you’re trying to lose weight without really dieting, it’s best to go slow and let the numbers add up over time.

20. Only eat when you have a planned meal or are truly physically hungry. Emotional eating is one of the biggest culprits of weight gain so make it a conscious effort not to binge when you’re sad, angry or emotionally distraught.

21. Make sure you are getting enough sleep at night, at least 7 or 8 solid hours without interruption. The body releases growth hormone while you are sleeping and also taps into your fat stores and starts burning it for energy.

22. Get the professional help you need to deal with any food issues or eating disorders that you are struggling with. Not everyone can deal with emotional eating successfully on their own so consulting with a professional can be a life saver and the key you need to finally take hold of your weight issues.

23. Love and appreciate your body no matter what weight you are currently at. If you want to be able to lose weight without serious dieting, accept yourself as you are but strive to make small amounts of progress every week.

24. Continue to do what you love each and every day. This will help to make your life more enjoyable when you are trying to lose weight. So go ahead and watch your favorite movies, work in your garden, talk to your friends on the phone, play games, grab a good book to read.

25. Learn to enjoy more fiber-rich foods. Foods that have high fiber content will fill you up and help to naturally suppress your appetite. Fiber will also help to keep you regular while maintaining a healthy intestinal tract.

26. Allow yourself to indulge in savory or sweet snack every once in a while as a reward for your hard work. But do this only when you have had a great week and have taken another step forward.

27. Eat less sugar, which is one of the easiest and simplest changes you can make that will lead to weight loss. Eating just half the amount that you normally do will help you see the numbers drop on the scale.

28. Avoid all insulin-stimulating refined white carbs such as white rice, white bread, and white pasta. Try substituting the brown varieties of each of these foods, which have a higher fiber content and will digest and assimilate a lot slower.

29. Surround yourself with positive people who love and support both you and your goals. Negative people will only try and discourage you from achieving what you set out to do because they don’t have the discipline to do it themselves. As the saying goes, misery loves company.

30. Let go of all of your past mistakes, failures and all instances of guilt and shame. The past is the past and there is nothing you can do to change it. But you can change your future by living in the present moment and making the best that you can with what you have.

31. Enjoy being comfortable in your own skin. The more comfortable you are with your body and how it looks right now, the more you are going to honor and respect it. If you respect and accept your body right now exactly as it is, you will make the commitment to give your very best each and every day to take better care of it.

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