Phentermine And Topamax (Qsymia) Review – Does It REALLY Work Faster For Weight Loss?

 SUMMARY:  Without a doubt the combination of Phentermine and Topamax is one of the most popular stacks for fat loss. But are the risks really worth the reward or is there a better way?

Phentermine Topamax Qsymia Review

Phentermine and Topamax are actually two very different types of medications that have one very important quality in common; rapid weight loss.

The first part of this diet duo is Phentermine, which is by far one of the most popular prescription diet pills that are intended to be used for losing large amounts of weight in a short period of time.

Topamax on the other hand, is a medication that is regularly used to treat certain brain-seizure disorders and the aid in the prevention and treatment of migraines.

But don’t let their individual characteristics throw you off.

The combination of these two prescriptions isn’t intended for people who are simultaneously having problems with weight loss and seizures.

Phentermine and Topamax – The Perfect Weight Loss Stack?

You need to take a closer look at Topamax because many people don’t know that, similar to Phentermine, also has the unique ability to induce weight loss.

So contrary to popular belief, combining Topamax (an anti seizure medication) and Phentermine (a weight loss medication) is actually a popular concoction used by people who want to lose a large amount of weight in a short amount of time.

Together, these who ingredients make up one of the more popular prescription diet pills on the market today called Qsymia.

Fastin (Phentermine)

The main active ingredient in Fastin is Phentermine Hydrochloride, which is also commonly known as just Phentermine.

This is a prescription diet medication that is used for weight management in individuals who are classified as clinically obese and require large amounts of weight loss in order to avoid medical complications as a result of their weight.

Phentermine HCL is only administered to the patient for short periods of time, mainly because of the possible risk factors and serious side effects associated with the drug.

This is not an over the counter dietary supplement and is composed strictly of pharmaceutical ingredients.

According to Fastin reviews online, this diet pill is used as an effective appetite suppressant, metabolic enhancer and an energy booster. [1]

How it Works

Fastin is a sympathomimetic amine with actions similar to amphetamines. [2]

The primary action is that of appetite suppression, with the added benefit of an increase in metabolic rate which creates the best combination available in weight management.

This classification of drug works by stimulating the central nervous system, acting on the hypothalamus gland, which is the part of the brain that controls not only the appetite but also sleep cycles and body temperature regulation.

This stimulation may send neurotransmitters out with the message of fullness or satisfaction so to speak.

Fastin may also enhance serotonin levels in the brain, which would also help suppress the appetite due to an elevation in mood.

An enhanced mood is optimal for people trying to lose weight because when you are when your dopamine levels are elevated and you are feeling good, you are less likely to experience intense and uncontrollable hunger.

Side Effects


One of the greatest known side effects that this drug is known to bring is insomnia.

Phentermine acts as a very strong stimulant due to its properties similar to amphetamines, acting as such compounds such as Ephedrine.

So be aware that this drug can cause insomnia, especially if taken at night.

The correct time to take this drug is during the morning hours so that the pill’s effectiveness can be maximized throughout the activities in the course of a day.

Dry Mouth

Another side effect that is common to many users is dry mouth.

This is considered relatively minor and happens when users fail to consistently hydrate themselves while on a cycle of this diet pill.

Most people don’t realize how powerful a drug like Phentermine is compared to most over the counter appetite suppressants and other fat burning supplements on the market. Because of its potency, it causes a dramatic boost in metabolism and therefore water is needed to regulate the energy boost and to replenish hydration in the body.

Physical Side Effects

Using this fat burner may also bring about physical side effects such as feeling mild chest pains and light headed.

You might even get some swelling in your arms, legs and feet and possible allergic reactions due to some ingredients especially, if the user is allergic.

It also causes stomach problems such as diarrhea and constipation

It should be known that this pill also affects a person’s sexual libido, which causes a low sex drive.

Psychological Side Effects

On the psychological side, Phentermine has side effects that should be noted as they may affect mental health.

This pill is known to cause headaches, confusion, and lapses in memory as well as sudden mood swings, paranoia, and anxiety.

Topiramate (Topamax)

Topamax is a type of medication that is known as anticonvulsants, which works by decreasing the chances of seizures in the brain. [3]

The medication is approved to treat seizures in such as epilepsy and is also used to reduce headaches and migraines.

Topamax may also cause side effects such as weakness, hair loss, insomnia, abnormal hair growth, skin problems, and numerous other complications that includes one popular and positive side effect; weight loss.

Side Effects

Although Topamax is not categorized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as specifically manufactured for weight loss, dropping weight is a common side effect when taking this medication.

There have been numerous studies conducted to children and adults that have resulted and have proved its effectiveness for fat reduction.

Due to this unintended side effect, some doctors actually prescribe this medication as an alternative to other harsher prescriptions to patients for the purpose of helping them lose weight.

It also has many side effects that can put the user in a dangerous situation so people who are allergic should not take this drug.

It is always wise to do your due process of knowing about products by researching them online and consulting with your physician.

How to Lose Weight with Phentermine and Topamax

The effectiveness of even the best belly fat burner depends on your willingness to control yourself and the amount of discipline that you install in yourself to lose weight.

The combination of Phentermine and Topamax, or even any of the best fat burner pills alone cannot lead to successful weight loss results without any effort on your part.

This is why it has to be used with each of the following:

1. A Good Diet

A good diet is the first step in effectively losing weight with your prescription. If you are not following any specific diet program, just follow some simple guidelines that have proven effective.

Start out by lowering your calories by approximately 250 to 500 per day and choose meals that are comprised of foods which are good sources of protein, low in starches and high in fibrous carbohydrates.

High consumption of vegetables will give you the benefit if getting all of the nutrients that your body needs to sustain good health.

You must avoid junk food that is high in sugars and hydrogenated fats which will only provide empty calories and lead to weight gain.

So if your goal is to lose weight with a prescription diet pill then you need to start by cleaning up your diet a little bit and start paying close attention to what you eat.

2. Self Discipline

Discipline is the second key to getting the most out of your fat burning pills. Having a realistic weight loss goal that you set for yourself will make you more likely stick to it.

If set a weight loss goal that is way too fat out of your reach, then you will be more likely to give up and never make any progress at all. So make sure that you use your discretion and set the bar high enough, but not too high.

After setting your goal, you must then stick to this goal by disciplining yourself to follow through. Take responsibility for achieving your goals since your success or failure is totally up to you.

3. Physical Fitness

The third key is to exercise, as it is not enough to just be able to control your dietary habits. You must make your body work in order to increase your metabolic rate and get the most out of your prescription.

By consistently engaging in an exercise program every week, you will literally jump start the effects of the diet pills in your system, which will give you many additional metabolic benefits as well.

You may also find that you are now stronger than usual because of the pills that you are taking. You may also find a noticeable improvement in your mood as you secrete serotonin as you sweat from working out.

Conclusion: Is This Stack Right for You?

Although taking a combination of Phentermine and Topamax such as Qsymia comes along with the risk of side effects, it is an effective means in which you can start burning fat faster than you are now.

Just make sure that you discuss your interest with your doctor or healthcare provider before making the decision to move forward.

If you are wary about the side effects and dangers then you can opt for one of the stronger legal alternatives such as Phentramin-D.

Although not as powerful as a prescription weight loss drug, Phentramin-D is one of the best diet pills available that you can buy without a script.

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