Spot Reduction Fat Loss – Is There Any Proof That It Really Works?

 SUMMARY:  When it comes to fat loss, the term ‘spot reduction’ is a popular buzz-word that has always been a hot topic in the weight loss community. Here’s the complete low-down on this controversial term and whether or not it really exists.

Does spot reduction for fat loss really exist?

Is there such as thing as spot reduction fat loss and if so, does it really work for those stubborn areas of your body?

Whether you are seriously overweight or just looking to drop a few pounds, it is a good possibility that you have specific problem areas in your body that you would like to change.

And it really doesn’t matter if you have already come a long way in your weight loss journey either.

So even if you have already achieved your ideal weight, you still could have a certain areas of your physique that need some attention, such as those areas you want to tighten up or that you just consider to be a problem.

You may also have some sagging skin on the backs of your arms, your thighs may still be a little bit chub or maybe you still have a little bit of sag in your butt that you really want to get rid of.

Or you may even be unhappy with that last little bit of flab on your belly that’s hiding your six pack abs.

Spot Reduction Fat Loss – A Myth?

This is where people make one of the easiest weight loss mistakes and buy into the misconception of spot reduction.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at spot reduction for fat loss in those stubborn areas of your body and what you can do to target those areas that are giving you the most trouble.

What is Spot Reduction?

Spot reduction refers to the targeting and elimination of fatty tissue in a specific area of your body through a specific means. [1]

This type of targeted fat loss is usually marketed in some form of exercise that you can do for a specific body-part which will reduce the fatty deposits in that specified area.

An example would be that doing crunches will directly burn fat in your abdominal area.

Besides targeted exercise routines, people also think that you can directly target your problem areas with some type of magic formulation or other gimmicks and gadgets.

This is where we see a lot of products marketed  toward people who are seriously desperate to lose weight, such as fat loss creams, lotions, wraps and electronic devices that promise weight loss without any type of exercise.

But the truth is, while there are many popular products being advertised online and on TV that claim to work wonders, from creams to lotions to gadgets and exercise equipment, spot reduction simply is not possible.

Although this concept surely makes some companies lots of money every year, this is pure fallacy and just doesn’t work.

If It Doesn’t Work, Why is This Concept So Popular?

The problem with this whole misconception is the market, which misleads people into thinking that it’s possible to target the fat in a particular area with their various remarkable and amazing miracle products.

But there is no quickest way to accelerate fat burning in one particular part of your body, especially not with some type of magic cream, gadget or wrap that you place in that area.

The way that your body deposits fat in certain areas of your physique depend on many personal factors such as your genetics (most important), your current dietary habits, the type of exercise program that you are on and finally, the overall lifestyle that you live.

But the most important factor is your genetic make-up.

While it is true that you cannot do anything about the genes that you have been given, you can definitely modify your dietary habits, intensify your workout routine and you can start to make subtle changes with your lifestyle that add up over time.

These are factors that you have total control over and are what would help you lose fat naturally over your entire body, not just in your target areas.

Your overall goal is initially to lose fat proportionately in all the parts of your body and then be able to keep it off for good.

Are There Any Effective Ways to Target Problem Areas?

If you are still concerned about transforming a particular area of your body that is not up to your standards, there are effective options available that aren’t gimmicks.

The best way that you can target your problem area and make it look better is to perform workouts to help you “tone up” the specific area.

Don’t confuse this with actual spot reduction though, because it has already been established that doing specific exercises are not going to burn fat in that particular area.

What this does mean, is that that you can build more muscle in the desired area that needs to tone-up, thus creating the appearance of less fat.

For example, you may have lost weight quickly and are looking better than ever, but you see that you still have a sagging area on the backs of your arms.

There is no way to specifically target the fat in those areas, but you can tighten them up by building more muscle mass in your triceps.

The same is true for other problem areas of your body such as your glutes.

If you still have some sag to your butt and want to get that tight and lifted look, the objective would be to do exercises targeted at your glutes to build more muscle in that area.

This is where a good exercise program comes into play.

By performing movements that target that specific area, such as lunges, high box step-ups and squatting type movements, you can build the muscle that you need to make your glutes and hips look tighter and toned.

Is It Still Important to Have a Healthy Diet?

Even though your best bet for changing the appearance of specific areas of your body is exercise, it is still important to tweak your diet and continue to burn fat on a whole.

The exercises that you do will act to build the muscle that you need to tone up an area, but your diet is what will help you out in continuing the reduction of the actual fat deposits.

So even though you are training hard in the gym or at home, you still need to discipline yourself with your food choices throughout the day.

On a basic level, if you are eating more calories than you are burning up in the course of a day, then you are not going to get any leaner, especially in those areas that you want to target.

Any excess calories that you are consuming in the form of sugar and fat will end up going right to those problem areas that your body prefers for fat storage.

These areas are generally the areas that you want to spot reduce.

This is why, no matter what type of miracle product that you try, you will still continue to have the same exact problem areas if you do not change some part of your lifestyle.

This means eliminating or at least minimizing your indulgence in too much junk foods, sweets and fatty foods that slow down your metabolism.

The harsh reality is that there is really no shortcut to weight loss and fat reduction. You need to give your full commitment to achieve good health and be fit.

Final Thoughts On Spot Reduction

So the reality is that there are no diet products out there, including any type of devices, pills or programs that could make you lose fat in any target area that you are trying to change.

The key to fat loss for any problem areas that you have, and weight loss in general, is a combination of implementing a healthy diet and a consistent exercise regimen that targets your specific needs.

Implement a resistance training routine that ads muscle to the specific area that you wish to target and continue to work on fat loss in general.

And as with anything that you want to achieve in life, you need to work hard for it in order to make it happen.

So if you want to change something about your physique, you need to commit to yourself and follow through with that commitment.

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