6 Essential Diet Tips for Healthy Weight Loss – Start Losing Weight FAST!

There are many different protocols dieters use to lose weight fast but not all of them are actually healthy. Here’s a list of the best tips for losing weight that are both healthy and effective .

Tips for healthy weight loss that really work

It seems that every year more and more people around the world are in a constant struggle with losing weight.

Along with the struggle to achieve healthy weight loss, it seems that the obesity rate is on a frightening rise also.

So what’s the solution to combat obesity to live a healthier lifestyle and do it in the safest way possible?

The solution is one that seems to be a complex challenge for most people so in this article we are going to to take a look at a four tips for healthy weight loss that are simple and effective.

These suggestions will definitely help you and can start making a difference in your progress today.

The Best Tips For Healthy Weight Loss

A lot of men and women who are struggling with their weight seem to turn to the latest popular diets that they see advertised it on TV or in the latest health and fitness magazines.

The problem with most of these fad diets is the simple fact that the quick weight loss that these programs are advocating really isn’t the healthiest way to go about doing it.

You have to remember that following a strict eating regimen is pretty difficult in the first place, so adding to that the fact that you will be restricting your calories while following a tough protocol makes your matters only worse.

Losing weight in a healthy manner needs to be done at a slow and steady pace.

Healthy Diets – Do They Even Exist?

Believe it or not, there are actually a few healthy diets out there on the market today.

These types of diet programs are based on foods that boost metabolism and they actually work quite well.

The problem is that most of the diets out there that are geared toward healthy weight loss are usually pretty boring in nature and don’t carry very exciting and creative names that make them marketable.

That’s why many people who are dealing with weight issues jump right to the ever popular and highly marketed programs with flashy names such as the Cabbage Soup Diet, the Paleo Diet, South Beach Diet, the Negative Calorie Diet; and the list goes on.

But there are actually some good general diet plans out there that have helped many people lose weight and get healthy, such as low-carb high-fat diet plans like the Ketogenic diet, Cyclical Ketogenic diet and Carb Cycling diet.

As a rule of thumb, any general nutrition program that helps you eliminate refined carbohydrates and simple sugars from your daily menu are going to be exceptional ways that you can lose weight.

These types of general programs also consist of realistic meal plans that anyone can stick to for the long haul.

The Real Key To Weight Loss That’s Healthy

The bottom line in losing weight permanently is to burn belly fat while building muscle at the same time.

So in reality you need to focus and strictly on burning actual fat stores and not just losing weight in general.

Because, when you strive just to lose weight such as with starvation diets, you are going to end up burning a lot of muscle tissue in the process.

This quick route also promises that you will lose a combination of water and the carbohydrates that are stored in your muscles instead of burning that awful belly fat is hiding your sixpack abs.

You will definitely tell the difference when doing it the proper way because once you get down to the size that you desire, you will have achieved a hard body instead of being small but still flabby, also referred to as “skinny fat”.

So without any further ado here are five healthy diet tips to help you lose weight and keep it off once you do.

1. Never Skip Breakfast

The first thing that needs to be discussed here is that you should never ever skip breakfast (unless you are specifically following an intermittent fasting protocol).

Breakfast is going be the best meal to stoke your metabolism and get things piping hot for the day ahead.

It’s also a meal that’s extremely important for the proper replenishment that the body needs after an eight hour fast while you slept.

Be sure to choose healthy foods that are low-carb and high in protein to fuel your muscles such as egg whites, fat-free or low-fat cottage cheese and even a protein shake from made from whey powder.

You can combine the above high-protein sources with a low glycemic healthy carbohydrate such as oatmeal, a high-fiber cereal such as fiber one or All-Bran or any low glycemic fruits such as blueberries, raspberries, strawberries or blackberries.

If you’re in a hurry and don’t really have the time to cook or prepare something extensive, you can always take a cup of low-fat Greek yogurt and mix it with some fresh berries for a quick and easy meal.

2. Make Sure You Drink Plenty of Water

Water is the life force that keeps the body thriving because you can live days without food but not so without water.

Water is the essence of life.

Water not only keeps you well hydrated, but also helps to flush toxins out of the body.

It additionally helps to keep the kidneys clean along with helping to control hunger between meals.

This will help you to eat less and keep your body running at peak performance.

If you easily get tired of drinking plain old water, try adding a squeeze of fresh lemon and a pinch of Stevia to sweeten the mix.

This gives you a refreshing, thirst quenching and fat flushing drink that will help you shed those pounds and start burning fat fast.

Making sure that you’re drinking enough water will also help you to avoid all of those calorie ridden drinks such as latte, alcohol and worst of all, sugar filled energy drinks and soda.

So make sure you do your body good by getting at least eight classes of water in per day.

You will see huge difference in the way you feel and sooner or later by the way look in your new clothes.

It’s a biological fact that your body has to burn calories to digest your food.

Now, there are certain foods that burn more calories than others, such as what is referred to as negative calorie foods like broccoli and other fibrous green veggies.

But when you drink sugary sodas, energy drinks, fruit juices, or any other typical beverage that is loaded with simple sugars or has empty calories in it, there’s almost no work involved in the process of digesting it.

The net caloric gain of sugar filled drinks is probably the highest of any food out there.

Also, unless you exercise directly after consuming these types of beverages, you’re not going to use those simple carbohydrates for energy.

This means that your body is going to convert all of those calories to fat instead.

Water on the other hand, has no calories of its own, and if it’s cold, will cause your body to actually burn calories heating it up so it can process it.

It’s good for your skin, helps you metabolize the rest of the food you eat and, if you have a fountain at work and a sport bottle, is cheaper than anything you can get at the vending machine.

Now, if your sweet tooth is killing you, you can supplement your water regimen with any zero-calorie drink such as diet sodas, coffee or tea with healthy natural sweeteners.

But you should really try to consume at least eight ounces of pure filtered water per hour that you’re awake for healthy weight loss.

3. Watch Your Carbs

If you are going to choose a diet program that allows you to eat carbs then make sure that you watch them closely.

Depending on what type of plan you follow, carbohydrates can actually be essential for weight loss but choosing the right ones is what is going to make the difference.

A number of health and weight loss experts suggest that it is best to stay away from any type of gluten rich foods and products enriched with white flour like breads, high sugar cereals, bagels, white pasta, white potatoes in any other high glycemic carb because they will make you fat. [1]

Instead, opt for any types of carbohydrates that are low in glycemic index, high in fiber and gluten free such as broccoli, cauliflower, rice, flax, cornmeal, buckwheat, quinoa and fresh berries.

When you stick to these guidelines will have no problem feeling full while still losing all of the belly fat that you want.

4. Cut Out The Refined Grains

After you’ve gotten used to your new habit of drinking mostly cold, crisp water without any sugary drinks, the next step is to get rid of refined carbohydrates and other high glycemic foods.

Refined carbohydrates, or grains, include all forms of sugar, but also breads and cereals made from white flour, including most bagels, muffins, croissants, white pasta, and pretty much any bread that isn’t made from whole grain sources.

While they may be not as tasty and sweet, eating refined white carbs is pretty much the same as eating the equivalent amount of sugar, as far as weight gain is concerned.

But be careful and watch out for imposters when shopping for whole grain carbs.

A lot of brown breads may say “wheat” on the label, but are really just unbleached wheat flour or just plain white flour with molasses mixed in.

Make sure the first ingredient on the list says either “whole wheat” or “whole grain.” When in doubt, walk away.

This isn’t easy, as the vast majority of restaurants, both sit-down and fast food varieties, use refined rather than whole grains.

But it’s your body and you have a right to know what goes in it, so don’t be afraid to ask the service staff what kind of bread and pasta options they have.

Also, you can be far more sure of what you are eating, and save money in the process, if you prepare more of your meals yourself.

5. Time Your Meals Properly

According to your body’s own natural biorhythm, your metabolism slows down as the day goes on.

Later in the day, your body will naturally convert more of the food you eat, especially carbohydrates, into fat.

This is why meal timing is so important when you are trying to lose fat.

One of the easiest ways to plan out your diet to coincide with your metabolism is to front-load your meals.

You can do this by making breakfast the biggest meal of the day and then slowly diminishing each of your meals and snacks as the day goes on.

Also, since your body uses up less energy as the day goes on, you should make a point to avoid carbohydrates in the evening, choosing only low carb foods.

As a rule of thumb, this means no grains of any kind, even if they are complex.

The only exception to this rule is if you perform some type of resistance weight training later on in the evening.

In that case, you can consume some form of complex carbohydrate before your workout for the necessary energy requirements.

6. Slow and Steady Wins the Diet Race

This is the classic story of the turtle and the hare when dealing with weight loss.

Trying to lose weight too fast is one of the biggest weight loss mistakes ever.

So take the time and do it right the first time and you can be sure to get to the end of your journey successfully instead of never getting there at all.

Weight loss is a lifestyle, not a fad.

It’s not something you do for a short period of time and then take time off.

If you really want to lose belly fat and get lean you must be committed to going the distance on your weight loss journey.

Just take it one day at a time.

Losing a little bit of weight every week over the course of the next three years is going to get you 100 times further than trying to lose 50 pounds in a month and then quitting when you didn’t even get close to hitting that number.

It is proven fact that people who try to lose weight too fast will fail 99% of the time.

And for the 1% who does actually lose a large amount of weight in a short period of time, they always seem to gain it back again at an alarming rate; twice as fast as a lost it.

Not to mention, it’s really not healthy to lose weight that fast anyway.

So take the time and do it right the first time and you’ll thank yourself when you’re putting on your skinny jeans again.

Start Enjoying Your Health Today!

So if you want to lose weight in a healthy manner then follow these awesome tips.

With consistent effort and a lot of dedication, can lose the fat, achieve your weight loss goals and start living a more active and enjoyable life.

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