3 Bulletproof Weight Loss Plateau Breakers – Do These And Get Unstuck FAST!

 SUMMARY:  Hitting a plateau is an inevitable part of weight loss no matter what level you are at. There are, however, several tricks you can do to get over your weight stall and get the numbers on the scale moving again.

The best weight loss plateau breakers that work

Have you hit a plateau in your weight loss recently?

Want to know the best weight loss plateau breakers out there right now?

You probably already know that the big secret to losing weight is that there is no big secret.

Healthy weight loss is accomplished simply by eating a healthy and well-balanced diet that is focused on fat loss and then combining that with a regular exercise program.

Maintaining a healthy weight and staying lean is a just a simple equation of being able to burn up more calories than what you eat every day.

Sounds like simple math, right?

Well, what happens if you have been following these guidelines and have hit a plateau in your weight loss efforts and the weight just stops coming off?

The Best Weight Loss Plateau Breakers

Is that the end of the line for your progress?

Below are three of the best weight loss plateau breakers that are easy to implement.

These tips can help you continue to lose weight and break through those weight loss plateaus when the gains slow down to a halt.

And if you continue to implement these tips, you can keep the weight off for the long run too.

1. Set Goals That Are Actually Doable

You wouldn’t believe how many desperate people go about setting weight loss goals that are miles over their head.

This isĀ one of the worst weight loss mistakes because trying to lose 100lbs in a month just isn’t going to happen.

No matter what you are trying to accomplish, it’s much wiser to set out to tackle much smaller goals than it is to go after those big ones and experience failure over and over again.

This way, those smaller victories will start to add up over time and eventually you will see the massive progress you are looking for.

And not only is setting a goal to start shaving smaller numbers off the scale a lot easier to achieve, they are also more realistic for your mind to accept as doable.

When your mind can accept your goal as achievable, you have a much better chance at actually following through and attaining what you set out to accomplish.

Simply trying to lose belly fat fast in a haphazard manner is going to end in frustration and defeat.

A trick to getting the most out of goal setting for weight loss is to physically write out your weekly weight loss goals.

When you write your goals down, you can read them at the start of each day to stay motivated and focused on your target.

And the best part about a goal that you have written down is that you can cross it off once you have achieved it for even more motivation and sense of accomplishment.

2. Start Recording Everything You Eat

When it comes to findingĀ  effective ways that can supercharge your weight loss efforts and shed belly fat, the smallest things can make the biggest difference because they add up over time.

Things that you think of as trivial when it comes to your diet may actually be bigger than you think.

It is extremely easy to go over your daily calorie limit when you snack on a couple of almonds here and a tablespoon of peanut butter there.

This is why you need to pay close attention to your diet and start tracking every single thing you eat.

When you keep a detailed record of the food that you consume every day, you are tracking literally everything you put into your mouth, including those small morsels of food that you tasted or just took a tiny bite of.

It may not seem like a big deal at the time, but those little nibbles here and there surely add up.

This will turn into a whole different picture over the course of a week, a month and so on.

So when the numbers don’t add up on the scale, you will be able to track exactly where you went wrong and then correct it quickly.

3. Schedule a Closing Time for Your Kitchen

Everyone will agree that a midnight snack is hard to resist, especially on those nights that you just can’t fall asleep.

But what most dieters don’t realize is that late night snacking is one of the worst mistakes that will slow down your metabolism.

So take the lead from your favorite restaurant and designate a closing time for your kitchen, and that includes your refrigerator, freezer and pantry too.

You can even reward yourself for achieving your weekly diet goals and keep it open late on weekends.

Setting a designated time for your kitchen and everything in it to be off limits will help to train your mind to understand that there is a cutoff point for your meals.

Do this for several days in a row and you will start creating a positive habit and you’ll be right on track in no time at all.

After you close down the kitchen for the evening, make sure you brush and floss your teeth, which will further signal your body that all eating is over for the day.

Wrapping It Up

Hitting a plateau in your weight loss journey is never a fun time.

But if you just take the time to implement some simple tactics, you can rekindle your motivation for losing weight again.

And that is how you will break through your roadblocks to start making the same rate of progress that you saw early on.

Try one or all of the tips listed above and watch your weight loss goals soon become your reality.

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